Important Reasons For Having A Professional Business Website In Nottingham

Most of today's buyers are constantly looking online for information that will assist them to make smarter purchasing decisions. In fact, studies show that 95% of consumers will research product information before making an online or in-store purchase. This behavioural trend emphasizes the importance of a website for today’s businesses.

If you would like your company to be successful in today's modern marketplace, your company will definitely need a professional website. Your website will be the backbone of your business, supporting all of your digital marketing efforts. in a few moments, we’ll discuss three important reasons for having a website for your business's success.

First Impressions Is Key 

Let's admit - we live in a world where people Google before they shop, visit online review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor or Trust Pilot before they buy and "check-in" via Facebook as they go about their days. Because of this reality, you want your first impression to be the best it can be, beginning with your website of course. Consumers will make decisions about whether or not they will visit your store, restaurant or office based on what they think about your website and social media appearances. They're likely to dismiss you entirely, as well, should they believe your website doesn't reflect the kind of experience your business - or a business like yours - should offer.

No Website Or A Bad Website Means Losing Business 

By now it should be clear that if you don't have a website, you're missing out on opportunities for customers to identify who you are and if they want to spend money with you. However, sad to say but equally true is that if you have a bad website it is better to have no website. While no website equals missed opportunities, a bad website can actually be worse since it literally makes your business look inadequate. With so much weighing on having a website of not having a website, there's truly no excuse for your business, to risk not having remember a bad website is far worse than no website - but let's be clear... both are bad for business.

If you don't have a website, your chances of ending up in customer online searches are significantly reduced. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you are a one-man or woman show or operate with 100 employees, your website should appear as if you have a team dedicated exclusively to keeping your online presence strong and noteworthy. The key here is "appear" versus actually having someone updating your website every day. For most small businesses, this is simply not necessary. However, having a professional, polished looking website that functions easily and offers customers easy navigation, strong photo images, professional quality content and an overall experience that engages them enough for them to want to do business with you is key.

Window Shopping Isn't What It Use to Be 

Walking down Main Street isn't the only way people check out stores and other small businesses nowadays. With routine visits to Yahoo, Bing, Google, Yelp and other online sites, customers are constantly seeking where they plan to make their next purchases. Make sure your business is well represented on these sites by first and foremost, having a website - but by also being represented among each of the online search engines, review sites and other online spots your business may be considered for customer review. Beyond having your URL address available, also be sure your street address, phone number and email are easily visible. Social media links can't hurt, either, but only include these if you are actually active on social media.

How to Get Started With A Professional Website For Your Business

The importance of a website for your business success is clear. Without a website, you cannot reach and engage your target customers online. Even if you have a brick and mortar business that serves mostly local customers, your business can still benefit from a website.

In fact, we’d venture to say that if you want to do business in today’s modern marketplace, you need to have a website. But where do you start?

If you are serious about launching a professional website and optimizing your site for the search engines, then you may want to work with a professional web design agency. Though working with web design professionals does require an up-front investment, you will find that the money you spend on professional web design services is well worth it.

For one, a web design agency knows what it takes to design a site that offers a positive user experience. They can create clean and simple navigation that makes it easy for your site visitors to find the content they are looking for. And even easier for them to make a purchase once they’ve found what they need.

A web design agency can also create web page content that is optimized for the search engines. SEO website content will make it easy for your target consumers to find you when they look for relevant topics and products on search engines like Google.

If you need help designing an attractive website that’s optimized for the search engines and easy to navigate, it’s time to call in the experts. Our web design team at Websity Graphics & Web Designs web design services to help brands like yours reach new audiences online. To find out more about our web design services or to learn more about the importance of a website, contact us today.

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